Industrial Tier Components

In the area of industrial tier components, we manufacture products that are used in assemblies for compressors, solenoid valves, electric motors and combustion engines, separators, filters, circular connectors, control cabinets, hydraulic valves, cylinders, milking technology, welding technology, and filling systems.

Cable Glands

  • Extensive diameter range
  • Sealing and strain relief function

Cable glands are used in almost every technical system. From private heating systems to wind turbines, Poppe GmbH’s cable glands are used to seal housings and ensure strain relief for the power cable. Specialty production techniques allow us to achieve the most sensitive tolerances and precision roundness.

Specialty Solutions for Moulded Products

  • Use of standard and specialty polymers
  • Broad range for various areas of application
  • High-end component geometries
  • Rubber-metal connectors
  • Applications include seals, dampeners, guides, and coupling elements

Mechanical Engineering

  • Multi-component sealing profiles for mechanical and plant engineering
  • Dust, dirt and lubricant resistant
  • High degree of precision and dimensional accuracy

Poppe’s sealing profiles ensure the reliable performance of equipment such as sensitive length gauges in mechanical and plant engineering. We comply with high standards in terms of tolerance and dimensional accuracy using intelligent production techniques in the area of continuous and non-continuous vulcanization.

Welding Protection Hoses

  • Durable and flexible welding protection hoses to safeguard sensitive cables and wires on welding equipment
  • High-quality hoses made of EPDM (peroxide or sulphur-cured), in various hardness degrees
  • Vulcanization in a salt bath for stable geometries and a high grade of roundness
  • Easy to assemble with little waste thanks to endless products on cardboard spools

Welding protection hoses from Poppe are used under challenging conditions with high durability. Our knowledge of manufacturing possibilities and material properties is the foundation for durable products that we manufacture both, kein Komma as standard and according to individual customer requirements.

Plant Engineering

Various elastomer products manufactured by Poppe are used in assemblies in the areas of sanitation, heating, drinking water fittings, water treatment, wind turbines, industrial gates and private garage doors, door seals, and many more applications.

Building Technology

  • Closing edge profiles for garage doors and industrial gates
  • Integrated closing edge protectors to protect people and property
  • Wide range of applications including sectional doors, roller doors, high-speed doors and sliding yard gates

Thanks to intelligent material combinations, Poppe door and gate profiles comply with the required sealing function as well as performing security-relevant functions. Our production technologies allow us to manufacture door and gate profiles in every dimension category – from 20g to 3,000g per meter.

Railway Transport

  • Multi-component profiles for local and long-distance passenger railway transport
  • Profile frames using state-of-the-art injection moulding
  • Materials certified in accordance with EN 45545-2

Railway profiles from Poppe are used for numerous applications within the railway industry, including as window profile frames, finger protector profiles and door profiles in local and long-distance passenger railway transport Our proprietary materials – certified in accordance with EN 45545-2 – allow us to develop high-end profiles in accordance with strict quality standards. Window profile frames are made using state-of-the-art injection moulding.

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