Customer focus coupled with market trends: At Poppe, new products are always developed in close cooperation with our customers. The concepts we develop for specific requirements are a response to the latest market trends and offer unconventional solutions.

Automotive profiles

Versatility is our strength – As a long-standing partner of the automotive industry, we see ourselves as a solutions-oriented development service provider. Innovative process technologies allow us to manufacture individual single-component and multi-component profiles for vehicle interiors, exteriors and engine compartments. With a wide range of assembly and finishing options, we add real value to our customers’ products.

Industrial Applications profiles

An extensive range – Profiles are used in almost every area of industrial applications. Poppe Elastomertechnik GmbH’s product range extends from simple protective profiles consisting of a single-material component through to complex switching profiles involving up to three-material components.

Building Technology

Rail Transport




Mechanical Engineering

Photovoltaic installations

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Engine Hood Seals

Water Tank Seals


Door Joint Seals

Water Drain Hoses

Coupling Elements

Power Window Inserts

Adhesive Pads

Door Lock Bumpers

Engine Area Seals

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