Our commitment to success

As a successful company, we are committed to outstanding sport, great passion and personal excellence in our region and beyond. In some cases, we have been involved with a club as a sponsor and partner for over 100 years. It is this consistency that sets us apart. We are happy to enter into reliable, long-term partnerships.

Football is
Team spirit & passion

American Football is about precision, team spirit, tactics and passion. That’s what we have in common with the Giessen Golden Dragons. Since 2023, we have been a sponsor of the american football department of MTV 1846 Giessen and the name giver of the stadium of the Gießen Golden Dragons. The men’s team plays its home games in the GFL 2 in the Poppe ARENA. With our commitment we also support the outstanding youth and club work of the Golden Dragons. Over 100 youngsters play in the various teams and well over 50 cheerleaders train hard for their dynamic and acrobatic performances. We stand behind the Giessen Golden Dragons and are a proud partner of MTV 1846 Giessen.

Website of the Giessen Golden Dragons


Rowing is
Technique & High Performance

Since Conrad Wilhelm Poppe founded the company in Giessen in 1911, precise technology and the constant will to achieve absolute top performance have been at the center of our work. Commitment to good ideas and a successful future plays just as an important role as the fact that we act in partnership, are reliable and stand up for each other fairly. These are the values that have linked the Giessener Rudergesellschaft 1877 e.V. and Poppe since 1919. A strong partnership for more than 100 years.

Website of the GRG 1877 e.V.

Motorsport is
Power & Precision

Motorsport is all about nuances, and how to optimize again and again to get the highest performance out of every part. The THM Motorsport Team from the Technical University of Central Hesse in Giessen has been demonstrating for years how this works, engineering, team spirit and motorsport with the highest technical standards. Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Klaus Herzog, THM students develop, build, test and ride their own racing car and racing motorcycle. We are happy to support these ambitions with our knowledge, our manufacturing and our passion for the highest standards.

Website of the THM Motorsports Team