Knowledge and development

Individual materials and geometries, precision tools, specific finishes and innovative production techniques form the technical basis for manufacturing our high-quality, customized products.

Manufacturing to your specifications

Our broad range of materials and production techniques allows us to find the optimal solution for every application – whether in terms of the materials involved or the right geometry for your requirements.

Our product range extends from single-component parts to a complex geometry of three different elastomer components combined with a metal support, a stretch preventer or a control wire. We can achieve weights per meter of 4 g/m – 3,000 g/m, with different weights available on demand.

The vulcanization process uses the most suitable technique, whether microwave, salt bath, saturated steam or infrared. The end result: The perfect material for your application. We use special techniques to ensure that the extrusion process results in similar tolerances to moulded parts.

This ensures that you receive customized, high-quality products that meet your very specific requirements.

Precision and quality

Precision cutting machines with cut thicknesses starting at 5 millimeters allow us to manufacture seals with the narrowest tolerances. We produce profiles and hoses with differing thicknesses and lengths both online and offline, using various cutting techniques for all conventional materials and geometries. Contour cutting and die-cutting can also be used for individual customer requirements.

From a simple profile to a functional element

In order to ensure that our products offer the required precision and durability, we finish them in downstream processing.

The finishing techniques used at Poppe include:

  • Painting
  • Hot and cold online laminating
  • Marking (laser, ink or embossing)
  • Optical measurement (100 %) online and offline
  • Drilling
  • Precision milling
  • Impact vulcanization

Dimensional accuracy accompanied by maximum flexibility

We use injection moulding and transfer moulding techniques and metal, plastic and fabric inserts to manufacture high-precision products to meet your requirements.