Frequently asked questions

Poppe supports EDI data exchange in multiple formats. If you’d like to get in touch with our EDI department, please send an email to

Our in-house material development team caters to our customers’ individual requirements. We also have various test facilities which allow us to conduct all standard material tests. Please speak to us if you need advice.

Developing a product from the basic idea through to the finished, customized solution is one of our core strengths. When it comes to materials and processes, we have the expertise to offer you a comprehensive development service.

Poppe products are manufactured using extrusion with up to three different elastomers, plus wire reinforcement, anti-stretch protection, varnishes or laminates. We also offer tool-based, injection-moulded products for elastomers and liquid silicone rubbers (LSRs).

Customers can speak to our development teams to discuss finishing processes other than extrusion and injection moulding.

Our ClipFix® and ClassicFix® spacers come in various dimensions as standard. Please see our catalogue for available dimensions. On request, we’re happy to offer alternative dimensions.

We can process up to three different elastomers in one profile, plus further components such as wire reinforcement, anti-stretch protection, varnishes or laminates.

We can produce rubber profiles up to a height of 150 mm and a width of 200 mm, and hoses and hose rings with a diameter of up to 130 mm.

We can produce rubber profiles from 25 g/m to 2,500 g/m. Please note: the website states 3000 grams.

We can supply our products in the following packaging:

  • Wrapped in a single-use/reusable cover
  • Wound in a single-use/reusable coil
  • Stored in a pallet cage
  • Loosely packed in single-use cardboard packaging
  • Loosely packed in a reusable container
  • Loosely packed in KLT boxes

If you have specific types of packaging in mind, we’re happy to advise.

Poppe is DIN ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certified.

Poppe has ISO 14001 (environmental management systems) certification. We make every effort to continuously reduce waste and to optimize our recycling processes on an ongoing basis.

In recent years, Poppe has successfully optimized a number of ways we use energy. Our aim is to continuously reduce our energy consumption and to make more use of sustainable sources of energy. We work in accordance with the ISO 50001 energy management system.

We can manufacture within the tolerances specified by DIN ISO 3302 E1 and DIN ISO 3302 E.